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Stain Removal
Coffee, milk, tea, juices, soft drinks, urine, blood, oil, wine, beer, and crayon Use mixed solution of mild soap and water to clean stain area with moistened cloth. Dry with a soft clean towel or cloth.
Ink and lipstick Use mixed solution of mild soap and alcohol to clean. As stain loosens, wipe the area with clean dry cloth. Repeat until stain is completely gone. Rinse and dry with dry soft cloth.
Soft drinks, beer, cola, wine, coffee, fruit juices, milk, oil, butter, yoghurt, chocolate, cream, sauces, and cakes Use tissue paper to absorb stain until it feels dry. Apply a dampened cloth and rub with circular motion until stain is gone. Finish off with dry tissue paper to absorb dampened area. For better result, spray vinyl cleaner into stain area and clean gently with circular motion.
Crayons and ink Apply dampened cloth in alcohol and press down softly on stain area. Then rub the surface gently in circular motion. Finish off with dry cloth to absorb dampness on the surface.
Lipstick, shoe polish, and grease Proceed as above, but replace alcohol with water mixed with soft detergent. Apply a moistened cloth to remove any detergent residue on the surface. Finish off by using dry cloth to absorp dampness on the surface.
Wax and chewing gum Let stain solidify and clean it gently using special soft brush. Apply an ice-bag on stain area and remove stain slowly using spatula. Rebrush stain area until it is completely gone and finish off by wiping gently with soft dry cloth.